Welcome Back!

Welcome back to HHS!

This is the page where you will find TONS of information including…

  • My contact information
  • Absent student assignments and homework
  • Independent reading requirements
  • Daily posts of notes, etc.

Most importantly, right now, you will find your supply list!  All supplies are due September 4 (for sophomores) or 6 (for juniors), 2019 IN CLASS!

  • 1½” or 2” 3-ring Binder
  • 16 divider tabs (usually come in packs of 8 so buy 2)
  • Loose-leaf paper and/or perforated notebook (at least 2, better with 3)
  • Pencils – #2 (doesn’t matter mechanical or manual)
  • Pens – any color but purple (reserved for me!)

It is going to be an awesome year in Room 31!