Monday, March 23 – Day 8

Good Morning!

I’m excited for our Zoom meetings later today!  Remember – English III will be at 10:00 and English II will be at 11:30.  These are not mandatory but a chance to check in with me, ask questions, try out the Zoom features, etc.

Also, throughout the process of last week, I learned that I need to establish “office hours”.  These will give you guys concrete times you can count of me replying quickly as well as concrete times my own children need to let me work (see below for times).  It’s all about balance.

In that vein of balance, I’ve been doing a lot of reading from different educators and parents across the country.  I want to reiterate that I do not have the expectation that you will learn brand new material this week.  I view this week and last week as “packing the wound.” This was all very sudden and we are all still swirling a bit.  So the work we are doing is to basically make sure you don’t slide backwards over these three weeks.  After spring break, we will reevaluate where we are at and what we, as a district, are doing to move forward.  I do not know when this will be over.  If we need to continue online learning after spring break, then we will create a more formal schedule and routine.

For now, click the link below for your slides and video.  Also see below the links for my office hours.  They will also be posted on your class page.


JUNIORS – CLICK HERE: English III – Monday

OFFICE HOURS – This is when I’ll be online to answer questions.
10-11 AM

1-2:30 PM


  1. Daily Journal and Reading Assignment Page
  2. English II Overview
  3. English III Overview