Thursday, March 26 – Day 11

Good Morning Bengals –

Thank you for checking back on the website today.  I hope you are all figuring out that checking this website daily is your best bet to knowing what is going on in the world of Schulte English!  We only have two more days until Spring Break then we can have a breather.

Please remember over spring break to continue social distancing.  The better you are at that, the sooner we can be back in school.  🙂

Also – if you are needing a Chromebook, let me know and I’ll put your name on Mr. Thennis’s list.  We are fielding those requests through school principals.

Click below to find the videos and slides for today!

As always, be healthy and safe!

SOPHOMORES – CLICK HERE: English II – Thursday

JUNIORS – CLICK HERE: English III – Thursday

OFFICE HOURS – This is when I’ll be online to answer questions.
10-11 AM

1-2:30 PM


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  2. English II Overview
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