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Monday, March 16 – Day 1

Good Morning Everyone!

For today, you have two assignments.

1st: I would like you all to simply set up a “learning” area in your house.  For our house, it’ll be the kitchen table.  If you have a dedicated study area, this will help you focus and will act as a visual reminder that you actually have things to do! The teachers are meeting today and tomorrow to figure out the best way to proceed.

2nd: Take a moment to look around your neighborhood.  If possible, go for a walk.  Find a neighbor that needs an act of kindness.  Do they need their walk and/or driveway shoveled? Will they need their garbage taken to the curb? Are they elderly and you haven’t seen them in a little bit?  Knock on their door and see if they need grocery shopping done.  Is there a single parent on the block that would love even just an hour of babysitting (for free!)?  Anyone can handle any kid for an hour 😉

This is a time for great change to occur both as a society and for us as individuals.  We are on a precipice, and I truly believe how we react to the next three weeks will define who we become.  This is an incredibly historic event – let’s be on the right side.

Breakfast and Lunches are available on school sites today and tomorrow.
2. After tomorrow, meals will be offered at mobile sites.  Please be checking emails.
3. School is open today from 7:30-4:30 to go grab materials from lockers, classrooms, the nurse, etc. 
Technology check-out (for Chromebooks) will be 8-12 at HHS on Wednesday.
5. Lessons will start rolling out on Thursday officially.

English III – CareerCruising Research

Click this link to pull up the form to insert your research for the Careers: Career Research.

**TIP: You might want to type your answers into a Google or Word Doc then copy and paste it into the form.  The form itself will not save for you.  So research and type it into a Google Doc and Word Doc form then copy and paste it into the form when you are ready to turn it in.

Click this link to enter the three colleges/ advanced schooling options: College Names.