Monday, April 6 – Welcome Back! Week of 4/6-10

Good Morning Bengals!

Welcome back from Spring Break!  I hope you guys were able to take a breather from the chaos of switching to remote learning, get outside, read a little, play some games, etc.  Not only did I do those things…but I also discovered TikTok.  Oh mercy.  That is a total time-suck!  But hilarious.

You will notice a new format moving forward.  Some of this is based off of your feedback from the survey and some of it is from district-wide directives.  I’m hoping this format streamlines everything for you.

Here is the basic routine:

Monday – You and your guardians will receive an email with a PDF attached.  This will contain the weekly work form.  These 2 pages will contain all of the work you need to complete for the week (Thursday by 3:30).  You can do this all on Monday, all on Thursday, or spread out throughout the week (probably the last choice is the least stressful choice).

You will need to complete the “attendance” form for today.
*School-from-Home Tip: Write down or print off the requirements of the week in a notebook or planner for all of your classes.  Then assign each bit of work a day and a time chunk.  This way you aren’t overwhelming yourself each morning or on the last day.

Tuesday – This is a work day.  Nothing new will be posted on the website; however, you will need to complete the “attendance” form for today.

Wednesday  – I will host an optional check-in where you can come online live with me to ask me questions, clarifications, or just see your classmates.  They will last 1/2 hour.

This will also be the day I post an instructional video for grammar and (if applicable) literature content (like a close read or a mini-lesson in a skill).

Thursday – Work day to finish up.  Check-in work due by the end of the day (3:30).  The weekly PDF will tell you what work is due Thursdays and what work is an assessment and therefore due Friday.

You will need to complete the “attendance” form for today.

Friday – Assessments.  This is for online quizzes and work from the week that falls under this category.  This is the majority of what you will see being entered into your gradebook for Quarter 4.

I’m hoping by keeping this routine, weekends will be homework free.

You can also find the weekly PDF on your pages below along with the intro video walking you through it all.

Stay healthy and safe!

SOPHOMORES – CLICK HERE: English II – Week of 4/6

JUNIORS – CLICK HERE: English III – Week of 4/6

OFFICE HOURS – This is when I’ll be online to answer questions. Outside these hours, responses can take up to 24 hours.
10-11 AM
[Wednesday: Eng 3 Zoom 10-10:30 / Eng 2 Zoom 10:30-11 *optional]

1-2:30 PM