Absent Student – English II

Check here for the work you missed in class!  Updated Daily/Weekly.

Wednesday, September 19: Roots (week 1).  Complete in-class writing assignment (last two pages of unit 1).  Hand in paragraph, grid, and rubric.
Tuesday, September 18:  Terms (Motif).  ACT Aspire (must be made up by 9/21).  Work on Grid.
Finish Grid for tomorrow.  Read!
Monday, September 17: 
MUGS #2.  Work on the grid following “The Scarlet Ibis.”  Needed for Wednesday in class.
HOMEWORKRead your books!
Friday, September 14: 
(Due: Questions for “The Scarlet Ibis”)  NoRedInk Diagnostic.  You need to get logged in and set up your account.  See the home page for the instructions.
Thursday, September 13: 
Library day!  Check out a book and bring it tomorrow!
Read!! Fill out your pacing bookmarks and get started.  “The Scarlet Ibis” questions due tomorrow.
Wednesday, September 12:
Pick up “Roots” handout as a reference.  Read “The Scarlet Ibis”.  Answer the questions (1-7) – due Friday.
Finish questions 1-7 for Friday.
Tuesday, September 11: 
(Due: Questions 1-8, “The Necklace”)  Literary Terms – Theme.  Discuss some questions from the story.  Take notes on writing.
Monday, September 10: 
(Due: Introductory Paragraphs)  MUGS #1, Read the short story “The Necklace.”  Answer questions 1-8 at the end.
Answer questions 1-8 at the end of the story.
Friday, September 7: 
Review questions for “Thank you Ma’am.”  Review Introductory Paragraphs (1st page of writing handbook).  Assign writing paragraph (page immediately following questions for short story).
HOMEWORK Write an introductory paragraph in the accurate format for the short story “Thank You Ma’am.”  Due Monday.
Thursday, September 6: 
PICTURES!  Get the Unit 1 Packet then read “Thank you Ma’am” and answer the questions.
Finish the questions for “Thank you Ma’am.”
Wednesday, September 5: 
Root Kahoot online (review of Greek roots).  Assemble binders for class.
HOMEWORK:  Email due tomorrow (see Tuesday).  Picture day tomorrow.  
Tuesday, September 4:
 Finish “Power of Punctuation” notes.  Go over Email Netiquette (get notes from classmate).
HOMEWORK:  Write one email for one scenario – due Thursday 9/6/2018.  SUPPLIES/SYLLABUS DUE TOMORROW.

Friday, August 31:  Syllabus review and Power of Punctuation notes
HOMEWORK:  Signed syllabus and supplies due 9/5/2018.  Get notes from a classmate and complete exercise.
Thursday, August 30
: First day of class!  Welcome back!
HOMEWORKComplete “You Are Here” worksheet for tomorrow.