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English 2 – E-Cigarette Resources

Here is a list of the resources you need to read/listen to as part of this mini-research paper.  The ones that have a * are required.

The Truth About Vaping (Podcast) * – This will correspond with the note sheet in your packet.

2018 National Youth Survey (Infographic) * – Take notes on the corresponding sheet (labeled Infographics)

Center for Tobacco Products (Infographic) * – Take notes on the corresponding sheet (labeled Infographics)

Surgeon General’s “Know the Risks”

CDC’s Electronic Cigarette Webpage

Surgeon General’s Report on E-Cig Use Among Youths (Be warned – 28 pages!)

NPR: Vaping (This is a collection of short articles as well as brief radio broadcasts surrounding several points on vaping.)

Links to Printed Articles from Databases (Audio feature online) – Need Login to access off school grounds.

E-Cigarettes are Safer…

Vaping Should be Regulated…

…E-Cigarette Needs Global Regulation

Link to Additional Articles and Videos