Absent Student – English III

Check here for the work you missed in class!  Updated Daily/Weekly.

Wednesday, September 17:  Grab new unit packet.  Discuss history of Federal Indian policy.  Work in groups to summarize one policy.  Be ready to present tomorrow.
Read.  Rough drafts due 9/24.
Tuesday, September 16: 
Terms (Archetype).  ACT Aspire (must be made up by 9/21).  Work through MLA Notes on own (see homepage – password: bengals).  
Finish notes.  Read!  Revise refugee rough drafts by 9/24.
Monday, September 15: 
MUGS #2.  MLA Notes (get from classmate).  Handed back rough drafts.  Another revision due Monday 9/24.  Expectation is that MLA will be correct and Intro / Conclusion paragraphs will be reformatted (along with other suggested corrections).  
Read and revise rough drafts (due 9/24)
Friday, September 14:  
NoRedInk Diagnostic.  You need to get logged in and set up your account.  See the home page for the instructions.
Thursday, September 13:
Library day!!  Check out a book and bring it tomorrow!   Also – revisions due today!
Read!!!  Fill out your pacing bookmark and get started!
Wednesday, September 12: 
Review answers to 9/11 speech.  Play “Plagiarism Game” – discuss what is and isn’t plagiarism. 
Revisions due tomorrow.
Tuesday, September 11: 
Terms + additional ones (get from a classmate), Read and annotated President Bush’s 9/11 speech – answer questions on back of handout.
Revise “worst” draft into a rough draft.  Due Thursday.
Monday, September 10:
MUG #1, Discuss timed write – strengths, weaknesses. 
Revise “worst” draft into a rough draft.  Due Thursday.
Friday, September 7: 
Timed Write on Refugees. 
None!  Enjoy!
Thursday, September 6: 
PICTURES!  Read the Refugee article handed out in class and annotate.  Read articles online (see post on Home page).  Be ready for timed write tomorrow.
Prep for timed write. 
Wednesday, September 5:  
Vocab Kahoot online (review of ACT vocabulary).  Assemble binders for class.  Pick up “Refugee Resettlement” article.
Email due tomorrow (see Tuesday).  Picture day tomorrow.   Read Refugee article in preparation for timed write Friday.
Tuesday, September 4:
Finish “Power of Punctuation” notes.  Go over Email Netiquette (get notes from classmate).
HOMEWORK:  Write one email for one scenario – due Thursday 9/6/2018.  SUPPLIES/SYLLABUS DUE TOMORROW.

Friday, August 31:  Syllabus review and Power of Punctuation notes
Signed syllabus and supplies due 9/5/2018.  Get notes from a classmate and complete exercise.  Letter to Self due Tuesday!
Thursday, August 30
: First day of class!  Welcome back!
HOMEWORK:  Complete “Letter to Self” letter for Tuesday.