English 2 – Semester Test Review

Your semester test is 3 parts plus a reflection on your writing portfolio.  Here are the concepts to review:

Part 1: NoRedInk – complete review exercises. (50 points)

Part 2: Latin Roots final – use the Quizlet to review: https://quizlet.com/_6r08s5 (50 points)

Part 3: Skills Test (paper and pencil) (40 points).  Here is a Kahoot to help you review:  https://create.kahoot.it/share/english-2-semester-2-review/db00c177-d381-4957-b64c-23b975e69c8c


  • connotation
  • irony
  • hyperbole
  • suspense
  • imagery
  • analogy
  • allusion
  • parallelism
  • personification
  • rhetorical question
  • extended metaphor
  • juxtaposition
  • unreliable narrator
  • pun
  • dialogue
  • monologue
  • soliloquy
  • simile
  • anaphora

Writing and Literature

  1. MLA formatting rules including Works Cited
  2. Formatting of basic 5-paragraph essay
  3. Comprehension of a poem

English 3 – Semester Test Review

Semester 2 Final Test – English 3

Part 1:  Work through the review exercises in NoRedInk to review the concepts that will be tested on the final.

Part 2:  Review using the Quizlet since that is what will be used for the final.  Here is the link: Quizlet Review

Part 3:  Literary Devices Final – you will need to be able to define in your own words as well as identify the device being used in the literary passage.  Here is a Kahoot to help you review.  The terms follow:

  1. Theme
  2. Symbol
  3. Motif
  4. Juxtaposition
  5. Irony
  6. Allusion
  7. Logos
  8. Pathos
  9. Ethos
  10. Imagery

Part 4 – Writing Portfolio Reflection – you will look back through your writing pieces as well as your grammar tally sheet throughout the year to reflect on your growth as a writer.