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Short Story Prompt – English 2

Your first significant write is a short story.  Here are the requirements:

  • 2-3 pages, double-spaced, 12-point font
  • Include the 5 elements of a story
  • Include 2-3 literary devices
    • Figurative language (similes, metaphor, personification)
    • Flashback
    • Flash-forward
    • En media res
    • Interesting point of view
    • Suspense
    • Alliteration
    • Repetition
    • Foreshadowing

1st drafts due Monday, 10/2/2017 @ midnight.  

FINAL Drafts due Saturday, 10/7/2017 @ midnight.

Online Textbook Instructions

To access the textbook online, you can go to or click on the “Online Textbook” icon on the right-hand side of this homepage.

It will take you to the login page.

Your login is: hsdstudentID#

Your password is: studentID#

From there, you will want to click on the CONTENTS link on the left then find the “Collection” your story is in.  Then click on the story itself.

If you aren’t sure, you can scroll through the book as well.

English 3 Notes – Tuesday

Here are the notes we took over the main terms on the handout (Juxtapose Mainstream Lit and Indigenous Lit):

Juxtapose Notes

Juxtaposition: Placing of two items side by side for contrasting effect, to create a certain effect, reveal an attitude, or accomplish some other purpose

Mainstream: Popular to the masses; ordinary; commonplace. In literature – traditional realistic fiction, a bit predictable.

Indigenous: “Native” – originating from a particular environment or region.  In literature – works produced by original/native peoples and/or their descendants.

The purpose of comparing the two is to gain a deeper understanding of Indigenous Literature.