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English 3 – Essay Links

Remember – you can’t just start ranting about public humiliation and expect to win the argument.  Go through the steps to write a formal essay:

Step 1:  Do a little background reading (aka – read the pro article and con article on page 29 of your Scarlet Letter packet).

Step 2: Decide which side you are leaning more towards.  Take some notes, do a freewrite, create a web, etc.  PREWRITE.

Step 3:  Read additional articles to flesh out your argument and anticipate any counterarguments.  Continue to take notes, add to your web, etc.  Below are the links you can use as your outside sources.  Remember, you are required to have a minimum of 3 outsides resources and The Scarlet Letter does NOT count as one of them.Arrows-curved-arrow-clipart

Step 4:  Complete your outline.

Step 5:  Write your first draft.

List of Resources

“Dad Wears Short-shorts to teach Daughter a Lesson” Article

“Humiliating Children in Public: A New Parenting Trend?” Article

“The New Age of Scarlet Letter Punishment” Academic Article by Justice Action Center

“Indiana Mom Forces Son to Wear ‘I Lie, I Steal’ Sign” ABC News Article

“Wife makes adulterous husband stand in the street carrying sign saying:’I cheated’ ” Mail Online Article

 “Texas Judge Orders Convicted Drunk Driver to Public Humiliation” Fox News Article

“He Will Serve as a Human Traffic Sign” Tampa Bay Times Article

“Shame on You: Public Humiliation Used as New Crime Deterrent” Article

“Cops in China Use Public Humiliation as Crime Deterrent” Article

“Can we bring back the stockades? The Constitutionality of Public Shaming” Article

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne