English 2 Synthesis – Social Media

Revisions due 2/28/2018 (Wednesday)

Here are notes to help guide improvement and revisions on the social media prompt:

  1. What are 3 areas that social media has changed the lives of teens?  What has social media twisted or flipped from when your parents were teens?
    1. Behavior (addiction to checking in, disconnecting from others, etc)
    2. Relationships to – peers – parents – extended family – strangers
    3. Peer pressures (more pervasive, “challenges”)
    4. Self-expression – acceptance of self – bullying – teens making $ – body image issues

Next, find evidence to support these claims.

  1. What evidence supports that these areas have truly changed?

Now, analyze your evidence and claims.  These questions can guide you:

  1. Are the changes negative or positive?
  2. How have the changes impacted our world?
  3. What do “non-social media” adults need to know about those changes?


When I was reading the essays, I noticed many lacked a clear thesis.  It’s hard to organize without one.  I also noticed overall organization was lacking.  Use the outline!  Couple other tips:  – Avoid longggggg quotes.  – Use a VARIETY of sources to pull evidence from.