English 2 – Poetry Collection

Here are the steps you should take when completing the poetry collection:

  1. Pick your 5 poems.
  2. Revise your 5 poems.
    1. word choice
    2. overall imagery
    3. structure / literary devices
    4. etc
  3. Pick 1 of the 5 to analyze.  Copy it down so you can…
  4. Annotate the poem using TPSFASTT.
  5. Write up the analysis of the poem in paragraph format.  You should be answering the question: Analyze the theme of your poem and how the literary devices used influence that theme.  Here is an example: Example Analysis
  6. Revise your analysis (MUGS)
  7. Double-check MLA formatting throughout.
  8. Type everything up!  (Don’t toss the drafts.)
  9. Create a cover page.
  10. Final revisions of everything THEN print and assemble.