Monthly Archives: March 2018

English 3 – Creating Writable PDF

To create a writable PDF (specifically the college application):

  1. Find the PDF of the application online (search “universal college application pdf”)
  2. Download the application.
  3. Open the download folder.  Click “Show in Folder.”
  4. Drag the PDF document over to your Google Drive.  Drop it into “Files.”
  5. Click the document to open it.
  6. Once it is open in Google, click on “Open with” at the top.
  7. Click on “Connect more apps.”
  8. Search for “Doc Hub” then connect to that app.
  9. Once it is connected, click on “Open with” again and open with “Doc Hub.”  Give the app permission.
  10. You can now type in the document using the text button (“A”).

English 2 – Bell Ringer Review

Here is what to study for the quiz tomorrow/Thursday:


  • cept
  • tract
  • dict
  • ject
  • quad
  • pre
  • circum/circ
  • mit/miss
  • spec


Review figurative language and devices from poetry and previous bell ringers.


  • Formatting titles
  • Capitalization
  • Subject/Predicate