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English 3 – Sentences

Here are the topic sentences for the periods (I don’t have 3rd period’s sentence – sorry!):

Period 5: Leslie Marmon Silko explained to the reader that the ignorant ways of European settlers are going to lead to the demise of the Native way of life.

Period 6:  Leslie Marmon Silko explained to the reader that the continuation of colonization brings death and disparity to the Native Americans.

Remember: This is your topic sentence.  It is up to you to find QUALITY evidence and write the analysis to prove this sentence. 

8 Sentence Minimum!

English 2 – Hero TED Talk

In today’s TED talk, you hear Philip Zimbardo discuss the concept of “Everyday Heroes.”  This is something we will explore in some of the writings we will read.  He has started a mission to train everyday heroes so in times of need, we can react heroically instead of alternatively.  Click on the link below to explore this movement:

Heroic Imagination Project

There’s a blog you can follow, a newsletter you can receive, and workshops you could sign up for.  Even just raising awareness is a step.  Check it out!

NoRedInk Setup Instructions

NoRedInk is an online grammar tool that we will be using across the school this year.  It will hopefully allow us to narrow down what skills we need to focus on while reinforcing those skills our students have mastered.

To get started as a student, click on the link below (the class code you will need is at the bottom of this post).  You can use your Gmail address to login.

If you already have a NoRedInk account from another class, you need to login and add my English class.  The class codes are below:

Period 2:  fluffy kitten 1

Period 3:  tricky loaf 93

Period 4:  roasted lunch 66

Period 5:  uneven map 53

Period 6:  great drawer 11