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English 2 – Current Event Articles

Below are the links to various articles you can choose from for your current event.

You need to pick one, read it, then complete the handout.

After completing the handout, write a paragraph where you summarize the article (question 6) and then explain your perspective on it (question 8). Combine the two into a well-developed paragraph. You must properly embed 1-2 quotes from the actual article.  This is due tomorrow (Friday).

Moving More Than Oil

‘Passionate Kissing’ Defense Clears Sprinter Accused of Doping

Russia Cleared to Test Athletes Paving Way for Flag to Return

The places that will decide the 2018 midterm elections

U.S. Legislators Seek to Criminalize Drug Use in International Events

English 3 – October 15 Lecture

Here is the video lecture.  It is in two parts, so when the first one (10 minutes) is done, you will need to click on the 2nd one (only 3+ minutes) to finish the information.  Best behavior!  See you tomorrow!

Monday, October 15 – Video 1

Monday, October 15 – Video 2

Here is a link to the slides (no video) so you can click on the sample essay link.  This is also linked on the Calendar page, for Monday the 15th, under English 3.

Monday, October 15 Slides