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English II – Self-Revisions

Personal Narrative – Self-Revision Checklist

  1. Look at your paper.  Does it have a heading?  Title? Paragraphs?  Are the paragraphs indented?
  2. Read through your paper to yourself…OUT LOUD.  Mark any mistakes you hear as you read.
  3. Do you have at least one simile and one metaphor?  Mark those with an S and an M.
  4. Highlight in pink any set of adjectives that describe one noun (so more than one adjective put together with a conjunction and/or a comma).
  5. Highlight in green any vivid verbs you use in the story (think action words).
  6. Underline any exchanges of dialogue (external) or any internal dialogue (also should be italicized). If you don’t have any, mark where you can add some.
  7. Do you fulfill the objectives of a personal narrative?
    1. A single incident in your life
    2. Written in 1st person (I, me, my, etc)
    3. Descriptive language
    4. Dialogue (external and internal)
    5. A lesson is relayed to the reader