Thursday, March 19 – Day 4

Good Morning!

Exciting day!  We are kicking off “official” lessons!  Most of the information from here on out will be posted on the links for the individual classes (English III and English II).  We will use Schoology for quizzes and discussion boards, and I will have copies of the assignments you might need in there as well but the slides should guide you through most of what you need.  The links below will take you to the English II page and the English III page respectively.  You will find a link to the slides, a link to the slides with an embedded video of me, as well as links to other resources you might need.  Those resources are also found below and in Schoology.  Ready to roll?? Let’s go!

SOPHOMORES – CLICK HERE: English II – Thursday

JUNIORS – CLICK HERE: English III – Thursday


  1. Daily Journal and Reading Assignment Page
  2. English II Overview
  3. English III Overview
  4. English III – Link to Jason Reynolds Speech