Tuesday, March 24 – Day 9

Good Morning All:

We are continuing to move forward today.  Thank you to everyone who joined in the Zoom chat yesterday.  If you missed it, then you can check out on the audio versions on the “Zoom Meetings” page linked above.

For sophomores today, there isn’t much new.  Make sure you post in Schoology on the discussion board and reply to a classmate.  NoRedInk Quiz and Article-of-the-Week due Friday.

For juniors, you are also staying the course, but I did add an instructional video (kind of long – sorry!) for how to work through getting your information entered into the ACT database before you have to test.  You can do this anytime prior but only for four days after testing, so it’s better to do it now.  If you take a screenshot of your final screen and email it to me, I’ll enter you for a prize!

Click below to find the videos and slides for today!

As always, be healthy and safe!


JUNIORS – CLICK HERE: English III – Tuesday

OFFICE HOURS – This is when I’ll be online to answer questions.
10-11 AM

1-2:30 PM


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