Wednesday, March 25 – Day 10

Good Morning Bengals!

Half-way through the first full week of online learning.  It appears we will be extending this a bit past spring break, so I want you guys to make sure you are familiar with the platforms and how information is being delivered.  Here are the expectations:

  1. You will check my website daily for the day’s work.
  2. You will complete the work to the best of your ability on time.
  3. You will communicate with me regarding questions – any questions.
  4. You will understand that this is what it is and we can’t change it so we might as well embrace it.

My favorite units always occur after spring break – To Kill a Mockingbird for sophomores and The Great Gatsby for juniors.  I’m in denial that these might not happen in person, but I will do my very best to replicate the experience online.  However, it will only make an impact if you buy in as well.

But we will cross that bridge when it comes.

Click below to find the videos and slides for today!

As always, be healthy and safe!

SOPHOMORES – CLICK HERE: English II – Wednesday

JUNIORS – CLICK HERE: English III – Wednesday

OFFICE HOURS – This is when I’ll be online to answer questions.
10-11 AM

1-2:30 PM


  1. Daily Journal and Reading Assignment Page
  2. English II Overview
  3. English III Overview