Monday, April 13 – Week of 4/13-17

Good Morning Bengals!

Hopefully the 2nd week of the weekly format will be more familiar and thus easier to navigate.  Again, I encourage all of you to go through each class on Monday (or – in this week’s case – Tuesday) morning to see what assignments are given for the week.  Write them down in a week-long planner to schedule your work time.  Also write down when you have Team or Zoom meetings for classes.  It might look overwhelming when you look at the whole week, but when you break the work into days, it becomes much more manageable.

Additionally, I strongly encourage you to start getting yourself into a “new” routine so if we do go back to school, you aren’t completely thrown through a loop.  Here is the basic routine we’ve followed at our house and it’s worked fairly well:

8:00 – Breakfast (you could push this to 8:30/9:00 but my kids are up naturally anyway!)
8:30 – Meditation Time – We gather and do a little “silent” time – yes, I challenge the kids to sit silently for at least a minute (it’s harder than you think!).  It’s actually been really good for me, too.
8:45 – Daily Check-In – Go through and check emails, check the work for the day, etc.
9:00-11:30 – Morning Work Time – This is your main chunk of class time.  Give yourself two 5-minute breaks (yes, time them!) so you don’t get sucked into distractions.
**Don’t forget on Wednesdays, you can check-in on my Zoom with questions!
11:30 – 1:00 – Free time/Lunch time – Check social media, eat lunch, watch YouTube, go for a walk, etc.
1:00-1:45 – Quiet time – Could be a nap 🙂 or silent reading or listening to a podcast or coloring a picture and listening to music or whatever!
1:45-3:30 – Afternoon Work Time – Give yourself two 5-minute breaks (yes, time them!) so – again – you don’t get sucked into distractions.
3:30 – DONE! Hopefully you get done earlier but somedays you might be later. Finish your day by checking your school email, checking off  the work you completed, making sure you filled out attendance forms, etc.

By setting up a reasonable schedule for yourself with built in “free time” you are less likely to get distracted during work time.  By developing these habits and skills, you are setting yourself up for success in the future (aka – college or adult life when you don’t have teachers or parents or coaches telling you what to do and when!).

You can also find the weekly PDF on your pages below along with the intro video walking you through it all.

Stay healthy and safe!

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