Monday, April 20 – Week of 4/20-24

Good Morning Bengals!

We are entering the 3rd week.  We can do it!  I hope you’ve found some time to get some fresh air, read something new, discover a new show, or hone a new skill.  For fun, this is a link of 40 helpful life skills you could work on in your downtime.  Your 30-year-old self can thank me later. 😉  “Old-Fashioned” Skills

I also hope you are getting into a routine to help you through each week and through each day.  These routines have saved me and my kids during this remote learning time.  Again, my two major tips are: 1) Write down your week’s worth of assignments on a week-long calendar to chunk out the work each day and 2) Set a daily schedule for yourself to provide time for work and time for distractions so you aren’t distracted during work time!

Finally – an important note – if you turn in work after 4:00 on Friday for any of the assignments, please send me a courtesy email or text via Remind so I can ensure I update your grade as quickly as possible.  If you complete the work but don’t notify me, there is no guarantee of when I will get back to check old assignments since we are working in various platforms.

You can also find the weekly PDF on your pages below along with the intro video walking you through it all.

Stay healthy and safe!

SOPHOMORES – CLICK HERE: English II – Week of 4/20

JUNIORS – CLICK HERE: English III – Week of 4/20

OFFICE HOURS – This is when I’ll be online to answer questions. Outside these hours, responses can take up to 24 hours.
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