Monday, May 18 – Week of 5/18-22

Good Morning Bengals!

We are into our seventh week!!  The semester is wrapping up quickly.  As we get closer to the end of the year, you will probably start to see projects being assigned in lieu of traditional tests.  That means time management is going to be VITAL.  You will not be able to complete all of the work the day before it’s due for all the classes.  That is not a goal to try and set for yourself.

Throughout this whole shut-down, we have stressed the importance of time management and balance and resilience.  It will be important to focus and work on those skills over the next 3 weeks as we wind down.

No schedule for semester testing has been sent so keep an eye out for that.  All grading information has been dispersed.  We will also have updates on returning and picking up materials from the school.  Keep an eye on the email!

A couple reminders:

  1. Check in with all classes on Monday and layout your assignments for the week.  Try to schedule your work so you aren’t spending all day, every day working.
  2. **Check PowerSchool to see your missing work and fill those assignments into your weekly schedule.
  3. Keep your daily schedule with sufficient times for work time and sufficient times for “distraction” or free time.

Finally – an important note – if you turn in work after 4:00 on Friday for any of the assignments OR you turn in any makeup work, please send me a courtesy email or text via Remind so I can ensure I update your grade as quickly as possible.  If you complete the work but don’t notify me, there is no guarantee of when I will get back to check old assignments since we are working in various platforms.

You can also find the weekly assignment PDF on your pages below along with the intro video walking you through it all.

Stay healthy and safe!

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