Absent Student – English II

Check here for the work you missed in class!  Updated Daily/Weekly.

Wednesday, November 13:  Slides (4th).  Slides (5th).
We got down our Week #10 Roots.  If they didn’t finish, they should get those written down.  Notes on my website as well as Quizlets.  The quiz will be 11/26.

4th Period
We had a mini-grammar lesson over fragments and run-ons.  We had a few more paragraphs turned in and I entered those grades.  Thank you!

5th Period
We are finishing up our “how to annotate” notes and practice with the Gettysburg Address.  We are also working on summarizing.

– NoRedInk Quiz – Unit 3 Friday – Finish practice
– Read 20 minutes

Tuesday, November 12:  Slides (4th)Slides (5th).
NoRedInk Work Time.  Quiz is on Friday.

4th Period
We went through a lecture on the importance of punctuation.

5th Period
We took notes over how to annotate.  This is in class work.

– Essay Corrections (4th period)
– NoRedInk – Unit 3 practice, quiz Friday
– Read 20 minutes

Monday, November 11:  Slides (4th)Slides (5th).  
We revised sentences at the beginning of class.

4th Period
We worked on essay corrections for the mood/tone essays (“The Lottery”, 1st quarter).  Students that hadn’t turned in the essay were instructed to work on NoRedInk or their character paragraphs.  The goal for handing in the character paragraphs is before Thursday as we will be doing corrections on those on Thursday.

5th Period
We are having a formative “assessment” on annotations and summaries.  I’m having students read a real-life “Thank You Ma’am” story about a thug who was shown kindness.  They need to annotate it and summarize it.  This will be handed in by the end of the period.

– (4th) – Essay Corrections, due Wednesday
– NoRedInk – Unit 3, Quiz Friday
– Read 20 minutes

Friday, November 8:  Slides (4th)   Slides (5th)

4th Period
– Hand in paragraphs.
– Take the characterization quiz.
– Read.

5th Period
– NoRedInk Quiz
– Read.

– NoRedInk (4th)
– Read 20 minutes

Thursday, November 7:  Slides (4th)   Slides (5th)
We worked on NoRedInk Unit 3.  5th Period’s quiz is tomorrow!

4th Period – Stations

  • Drafted/Revised their paragraphs (the self-revision checklist is attached)
  • Conference with Mrs. Schulte

5th Period

  • Reviewed Run-on sentences
  • Worked on paragraph corrections – due tomorrow

– (4th) Final character paragraphs due tomorrow
– (4th) Characterization quiz tomorrow
– (5th) Paragraph corrections due tomorrow
– Work on NRI Unit 3

Wednesday, November 6:  Slides (4th)Slides (5th).
We completed roots notes in class – Week 9.

4th Period
Worked on stations for drafting and conferencing on their paragraphs.  1st drafts are due tomorrow.

5th Period
Worked on a mini grammar lesson – fragments and run-ons.

– (4th)  1st draft of paragraph due tomorrow.
– NoRedInk Unit 3 Practice
– Read 20 minutes

Tuesday, November 5:  Slides (4th).  Slides (5th).
We worked on NoRedInk, Unit 3 Practice.

4th Period:  We worked on Character paragraphs.  They need to have their character charts completed and the outline completed.  I’ve attached a copy of the prompt and outline.

5th Period:  We went through a Power of Punctuation lesson.

– NoRedInk – Unit 3 Practice
– Read 20 minutes
– (4th) Character Paragraph Outline

Monday, November 4:  Slides (4th).  Slides (5th).
We revised a couple sentences at the beginning.

4th Period:  We worked on a character chart.  We are really focusing on pulling direct evidence with extended analysis.  We will turn these into paragraphs starting tomorrow.

5th Period:  We took a quiz over characterization then they graded them.  They could then work on NoRedInk.  There is a quiz Friday.

– (4th) Character Charts
– NoRedInk – Practice Unit 3
– Read 20 minutes

Friday, November 1:  Slides (4th).  Slides (5th).
We took the Roots quiz at the beginning then they read their independent books.

5th Period – They completed the progress monitoring today.  I had them all do it in class.

– 5th Period: Work on character charts and paragraphs.  Due Monday.
– Read 20 minutes.

Thursday, October 31:  Slides (4th).  Slides (5th).
We worked on NoRedInk.

4th Period
Students worked independently on journals then we worked together on questions.  They had questions 5 and 6 to complete for homework – due tomorrow.

5th Period
Students worked in stations drafting and conferencing over their character analysis paragraphs.  The paragraphs due Monday.
– Review roots for the quiz TOMORROW
– Read 20 minutes
– 4th: Finish questions
– 5th: Work on character paragraphs

Wednesday, October 30:  Slides (4th).  Slides (5th).
We reviewed Roots.  Quiz is Friday (11/1)!!  There are quizlets on my website as well as a crossword puzzle I handed out today.

4th Period
We did progress monitoring for iReady first then read “Thank You Ma’am” together.  We will work on journals and questions for this story tomorrow in class.

5th Period
They received the character paragraph prompt along with a character chart to complete.  The chart is due tomorrow.  The paragraphs are due Monday.
– Review Roots – quiz Friday
– Finish character chart (5th period)

Tuesday, October 29:  Slides (4th)Slides (5th).
We worked in stations today.

4th Period

  1. Complete NoRedInk Diagnostic, Unit 3
  2. Review Roots using Quizlet
  3. Work on Characterization Skills – complete character chart for a character from the “Goldfish” story

5th Period

  1. Complete NoRedInk Diagnostic, Unit 3
  2. Discuss Journals (use the strategy of underlining in red information someone else says that matches what you have as well as adding new information to your journals)
  3. Work on questions for “Thank you Ma’am”.  Finish for homework.


  1. Finish character chart (4th) or questions (5th)
  2. Finish NoRedInk Diagnostic
  3. Read 20 minutes
  4. Roots quiz is Friday

Monday, October 28:  Slides (4th)Slides (5th). 
We revised two sentences at the beginning of class.

4th Period:  We finished reading “Goldfish” then completed dialectical journals.  I assigned the students a one-sentence summary of the story, due tomorrow.  We went through the who, did what, where, and why together.  It is below:
Who:  Sergei, Yoni, Goldfish
Did What:  (Sergei) Hit Yoni with a burner  (Yoni) Wants to make a documentary (Goldfish) grants wishes, convinces Sergei to save Yoni
Where:  Sergei’s apartment in Jaffa (Tel Aviv)
Why: (Sergei) to protect the goldfish, his only friend  (Yoni) to make money and have fame  (Goldfish) because he’s magic, for his own freedom

 5th Period:  As a class, we read the short story “Thank you Ma’am” then individually they worked on dialectical journals.  Tomorrow, they will go over those in groups.
– 4th Period: Finish one-sentence summary
– 5th Period:  Finish dialectical journals
– Read 20 minutes

Friday, October 25:  Slides (4th).  Slides (5th).  
4th Period: Students did a quick 3, 2, 1 reviewing the plot of “What, of a Goldfish, Would You Wish?”.

5th Period:  Students did a pop quiz over “What, of a Goldfish, Would You Wish?”.

Students completed the NoRedInk – Unit 2 quiz.  (Retakes – students are allowed to retake the quizzes once they have completed the practice.  They can retake as often as needed to get to an 80%).
– Read 20 minutes!
– Last day I’m accepting late/missing work is Thursday!

Thursday, October 24:  Slides (4th)Slides (5th).
We had some NoRedInk work time.

4th Period:  We started reading “What, of a Goldfish, Would You Wish?” and worked on dialectical journals for characterizations and plot.

5th Period:  Because of the power outage, we worked on essay corrections.
– NoRedInk -Unit 2 – QUIZ IS TOMORROW
– 5th Period:  Essay corrections due Monday

Wednesday, October 23:  Slides (4th).  Slides (5th).
We started with Roots.  This is the last week for this unit.  Quizlets are on my website. The quiz will be Friday, November 1st.

4th Period:  Inference lesson using pictures to make inferences.

5th Period:  Finished “What, of a Goldfish, Would You Wish?”.  Worked on dialectical journals (this is a literacy strategy that is essentially a variation of 2-column or Cornell notes; it is asking students to be more intentional and aware of what they are thinking as they are reading).
– NoRedInk – Unit 2 Practice – Quiz is Friday
– 5th Period:  Finish story and dialectical journals (Probably going to be a pop quiz tomorrow)

Tuesday, October 22:   Slides (4th) Slides (5th).
4th Period:  Hand in final drafts of essays.  Work on NoRedInk, Unit 2.

5th Period:  NoRedInk Work Time.  Begin reading “What, of a Goldfish, Would You Wish?” and complete dialectical journals focusing on character and inferences.

– NoRedInk – quiz is Friday (Unit 2).

Monday, October 21:  Slides (4th).  Slides (5th).
5th Period: Hand in their final draft of the essays.

We revised sentences at the beginning of class.

4th Period: Worked on their essays – hopefully they are on their revisions for the 2nd draft because final drafts are due tomorrow.  They should have outlined, typed a 1st draft, completed a self-revision, made corrections, printed a 2nd draft, revised, made corrections, then printed a final draft.  That is the expectation for what they will hand in tomorrow.

5th Period:  We worked through an inference lesson and I reviewed the dialectical journals.
Tomorrow, they will be starting “What, of a Goldfish, Would You Wish?”.
– NoRedInk – quiz is Friday (Unit 2).

Wednesday, October 16:  Slides (4th)Slides (5th).
We worked in stations again today.  They needed to complete the following:

  1. Record their roots for Week 6 (packets are in my room if they don’t have it)
  2. Revise their 2nd drafts – Transitions, Mechanics, and Word Choice
  3. Conference with Mrs. Schulte
    If they didn’t have 2nd drafts ready to go, they worked on revising their 1st drafts or typing their 1st drafts and then moved forward from there.
  2. Final drafts are due Monday (for 5th period) – due Tuesday (for 4th period)
  3. NoRedInk – Unit 2 Practice

Tuesday, October 15: Slides (4th)Slides (5th).
We worked in stations today.  The students had time to work on NoRedInk, conference with me, and draft their essays.
All students should have their 1st drafts typed and ready for tomorrow.  If they were on target, then they will have a 2nd draft revised and ready for tomorrow.  We will be doing another round of revisions.
– Fresh drafts ready for tomorrow (for some students, this is a 1st draft; for others, this is a 2nd draft).
– NoRedInk – Unit 2 Practice (Quiz 10/25)

Monday, October 14:  Slides (4th).    Slides (5th).
We revised sentences together at the beginning of class – MUGS #4.
4th Period:  We worked on writing the topic sentences for the body paragraphs.  Then the students were assigned to find their evidence for the two body paragraphs.   This is their homework – finding the evidence.
5th Period:  I checked their outlines then they started drafting.  They need to be ready to conference and revise tomorrow (so rough drafts due tomorrow).
– Outline should be done.
– 1st drafts need to be started (5th period’s are due tomorrow).
– NoRedInk – Unit 2 practice

Friday, October 11:  Slides (4th)Slides (5th).
We had Independent Reading time today.   There were several students who forgot their books or aren’t very far.  This is always something they can do in their “free time.”
After that, we worked on thesis statements, introductory paragraph, and the outline.  Their outlines will be due Monday (5th period will have their 1st drafts due Monday).    We will do most of this together for this first formal essay.
– Work on Outline
– Work on NoRedInk – Unit 2 Practice
– Read 20 minutes.

Thursday, October 10:  Slides (4th) Slides (5th).
4th Period:  Work on NoRedInk.  Answer questions 1-8 on page 36 of the textbook.  See the homepage for instructions on how to access the textbook online or check one out from me.
5th Period:  Begin working on essay – brain dump then formulate the thesis together then work on the introductory paragraph.
4th Period:  Finish questions.  Work on NoRedInk – Unit 2.
5th Period:  Work on outline.  Work on NoRedInk – Unit 2.

Wednesday, October 9:  Slides (4th).    Slides (5th).
4th Period:  Quiz over “The Lottery” then work time for Latin Roots and NoRedInk.
5th Period:  Work on questions for “The Lottery” – pg 36, 1-8.  Due tomorrow.  (See slides for access instructions to the online textbook).
– HOMEWORK:   4th: Work on NoRedInk.  Read 20 minutes.
5th:  Finish questions (pg 36, 1-8).  Work on NoRedInk.

Tuesday, October 8: Slides (4th).     Slides (5th).
4th Period:  Station Work – 1) Finish NoRedInk Diagnostic Unit 2.   2) Work on dialectical journals/finishing “The Lottery”.  3)  Work on summarizing the story.
5th Period:  Quiz over “The Lottery” then work on NoRedInk Unit 2 Diagnostic.
– HOMEWORK:   4th: Review for quiz tomorrow.  FInish NoRedInk Diagnostic.  Finish summaries.
5th:  Read 20 minutes.  Finish NoRedInk.

Monday, October 7:  Slides (4th).      Slides (5th).
Finish reading “The Lottery” and work on dialectical journals.
– HOMEWORK:  Finish “The Lottery”.

Friday, October 4:  Slides (4th).      Slides (5th).
4th period: 
Reviewed notes over mood and tone then “read” the short film The Passenger and answered questions in the packets.  We then discussed them.
In both classes, we started reading “The Lottery.”  The students will be keeping dialectical journals for this story.  It’s a form of annotation to help build their metacognitive skills.  They can have as many entries as they like and there are detailed instructions in their packets.  (4th period got to end of 1st paragraph, pg 25  /  5th period got to end of 2nd paragraph on page 28).
– HOMEWORK:  Read 20 minutes
** Monday I will have a guest teacher.  They will need to finish “The Lottery.”  The quiz for 5th period is on Tuesday; the quiz for 4th period is on Wednesday.

Thursday, October 3:  Slides (4th).      Slides (5th) Latin Roots Quiz.
4th Period:
  Brief notes over mood/tone.
5th Period:  Reading a video – complete handout in the packet.
– HOMEWORK:  Read 20 minutes. 

Wednesday, October 2:  Slides (4th)Slides (5th).  Review Roots via quizlet.
4th Period:  Notes over connotation/denotation plus a word sort with a partner.
5th Period:  Finish word sort then take notes over mood/tone.
– HOMEWORK:   Priority #1:  Review Roots (Quiz Thursday).  Priority #2:  Read 20 minutes.

Tuesday, October 1:  Slides (5th).   Slides (4th).  NORedInk Unit 1 quiz (come in to make it up).
4th Period:  Work on essay corrections or make up the DWA if needed.
5th Period:  Take notes over denotation and connotation.  Work on word sort with a partner.
– HOMEWORK:   Priority #1:  Work on essay corrections (due Wednesday).  Priority #2: Review Roots (Quiz Thursday).  Read 20 minutes.

Monday, September 30:  Slides.  Revise set #3 of MUGS sentences.  After that, we walked through how to complete essay corrections over your personal narratives.  The slides are on my website as well as in the back of your writing handbooks.
– HOMEWORK:   Priority #1:  Finish NoRedInk Unit 1 (Quiz tomorrow).  Priority #2: Work on essay corrections (due Wednesday).  Priority #3: Review Roots (Quiz Thursday).  Read 20 minutes.

Friday, September 27:  Slides.  Read independently then discussed questions 13-17 for the podcast.  Hand in questions.
– HOMEWORK:  Read, NoRedInk, and Review Roots.

Thursday, September 26:  Slides.  Complete three tasks:  fill out Week 3 of Latin Roots, conference with Mrs. Schulte over iReady, and listen to the Criminal podcast (linked on my homepage) and answer the questions.
– HOMEWORK:  Finish Podcast questions.  Read, NoRedInk, and Review Roots.

Wednesday, September 25:  Slides.  District Writing Assessment.
– HOMEWORK:  Read, NoRedInk, and Review Roots.

Tuesday, September 24:  Slides.  Essays Due.  (Hand in all your drafts for everything.)  Library Trip!
– HOMEWORK:  Read, NoRedInk, and Review Roots.

Monday, September 23:  Slides.  MUGS #2 (make revisions).  Revise personal narratives – final drafts due tomorrow!
– HOMEWORK:  Make final edits then print off final papers.  Bring tomorrow with all your drafts!

Friday, September 20:  Slides.  1st Chapter Fridays: When by Victoria Laurie.  Work on revising personal essays – Self Revise group and Peer Edit group.
– HOMEWORK:  Complete self-revision checklist (see homepage).  Make changes on computer-version of essay then print it off.  Give printed essay and page 14 from binder to a “peer” to edit.  Once they make edits, make those changes in your paper.  FINAL DRAFTS DUE TUESDAY!

Thursday, September 19:  Slides.  Grammar Notes.  Revise sample essay.  Self-Revise personal essay – 2nd drafts due tomorrow.
– HOMEWORK:  Complete self-revision checklist (see homepage).  Make changes on computer-version of essay then print it off to bring to class. 

Wednesday, September 18:  Slides.  Latin Roots – Week 2 (see Latin Roots homepage).  Drafting Day – work on plot then descriptive language then dialogue then paragraphs.
– HOMEWORK: 1st drafts due tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, September 17:  Slides.  NoRedInk Work Time (work on Unit 1 Practice, Quiz will be 10/1).  Go through “Dialogue Punctuation” on page 9.  Begin drafting 1st drafts (GOAL:  Get entire plot down.  Then go back and insert descriptive language, dialogue, and insert paragraphs).
– HOMEWORK: 1st drafts due Thursday!!!

Monday, September 16:  Slides.  MUGS – revise 1st sentences (get handout from Mrs. Schulte).  Share “Show, not Tell”.  Complete the Sensory Questionnaire on page 8.  Start drafting stories!
– HOMEWORK:  Finish pg. 8 and start drafting stories – 1st drafts due Thursday!

Friday, September 13:  Slides.  First Chapter Fridays (get a purple sheet when you get back).  StoryTelling Arc Notes – pg 6 in packet (email Mrs. Schulte for the slides, and she’ll send you a link.).  Work on your arc for your narrative.  Show, Not Tell language – page 7 in the packet.  Revise the last four sentences.
– HOMEWORK:  Finish plotting your story (pg 6).  Finish revising the 4 sentences (pg 7). Due Monday!

Thursday, September 12:  Slides.  Discuss “The Pie” Questions.  Discuss essay expectations (pg 2 in packet).  Analyze student examples in packet (pgs 3-4).  Free write on a topic (pg 5).
– HOMEWORK:  Come tomorrow with a topic!

Wednesday, September 11:  Slides.  Latin Roots.  Notes.  Read “The Pie” and answer questions on page 1.
– HOMEWORK:  Finish “The Pie” questions.

Tuesday, September 10:  Slides.  NoRedInk Unit 1 Diagnostic.  Start Narrative Essay unit (get handout from Mrs. Schulte).
– HOMEWORK:  None.

Monday, September 9:  Slides.  Finish the iReady Diagnostic test.  Work on Micro-Fiction stories and hand in.
– HOMEWORK:  None.

Friday, September 6:  Slides.  Work on the iReady Diagnostic test.
– HOMEWORK:  Micro-Fiction stories due Monday.

Thursday, September 5:  Slides.  Work on Micro-Fiction stories.  Picture Day!
– HOMEWORK:  Micro-Fiction stories due Monday.

Wednesday, September 4:  Slides. Root Kahoot – review the Greek roots.  Set up binders.  (If you are absent, come in at lunch to get this done.)
– HOMEWORK:  Picture Day tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 3:  Slides.  Go over the syllabus.  Set up work crates.
– HOMEWORK:  Supplies due 9/4/2019 (TOMORROW)!!

Monday, September 2:   No School – Labor Day

Friday, August 30:  Sticky-note stations then syllabus highlights (see slides).  Do a round of Speed “Dating”.  Remember – supplies are due 9/4!
– HOMEWORK:  Supplies due 9/4/2019.  Enjoy the long weekend!

Thursday, August 29: First day of class!  Welcome back!
HOMEWORKComplete unfinished station worksheets for tomorrow.   Supplies due 9/4/2019.