Absent Student – English II

Check here for the work you missed in class!  Updated Daily/Weekly.

Friday, September 20:  Slides.  1st Chapter Fridays: When by Victoria Laurie.  Work on revising personal essays – Self Revise group and Peer Edit group.
– HOMEWORK:  Complete self-revision checklist (see homepage).  Make changes on computer-version of essay then print it off.  Give printed essay and page 14 from binder to a “peer” to edit.  Once they make edits, make those changes in your paper.  FINAL DRAFTS DUE TUESDAY!

Thursday, September 19:  Slides.  Grammar Notes.  Revise sample essay.  Self-Revise personal essay – 2nd drafts due tomorrow.
– HOMEWORK:  Complete self-revision checklist (see homepage).  Make changes on computer-version of essay then print it off to bring to class. 

Wednesday, September 18:  Slides.  Latin Roots – Week 2 (see Latin Roots homepage).  Drafting Day – work on plot then descriptive language then dialogue then paragraphs.
– HOMEWORK: 1st drafts due tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, September 17:  Slides.  NoRedInk Work Time (work on Unit 1 Practice, Quiz will be 10/1).  Go through “Dialogue Punctuation” on page 9.  Begin drafting 1st drafts (GOAL:  Get entire plot down.  Then go back and insert descriptive language, dialogue, and insert paragraphs).
– HOMEWORK: 1st drafts due Thursday!!!

Monday, September 16:  Slides.  MUGS – revise 1st sentences (get handout from Mrs. Schulte).  Share “Show, not Tell”.  Complete the Sensory Questionnaire on page 8.  Start drafting stories!
– HOMEWORK:  Finish pg. 8 and start drafting stories – 1st drafts due Thursday!

Friday, September 13:  Slides.  First Chapter Fridays (get a purple sheet when you get back).  StoryTelling Arc Notes – pg 6 in packet (email Mrs. Schulte for the slides, and she’ll send you a link.).  Work on your arc for your narrative.  Show, Not Tell language – page 7 in the packet.  Revise the last four sentences.
– HOMEWORK:  Finish plotting your story (pg 6).  Finish revising the 4 sentences (pg 7). Due Monday!

Thursday, September 12:  Slides.  Discuss “The Pie” Questions.  Discuss essay expectations (pg 2 in packet).  Analyze student examples in packet (pgs 3-4).  Free write on a topic (pg 5).
– HOMEWORK:  Come tomorrow with a topic!

Wednesday, September 11:  Slides.  Latin Roots.  Notes.  Read “The Pie” and answer questions on page 1.
– HOMEWORK:  Finish “The Pie” questions.

Tuesday, September 10:  Slides.  NoRedInk Unit 1 Diagnostic.  Start Narrative Essay unit (get handout from Mrs. Schulte).
– HOMEWORK:  None.

Monday, September 9:  Slides.  Finish the iReady Diagnostic test.  Work on Micro-Fiction stories and hand in.
– HOMEWORK:  None.

Friday, September 6:  Slides.  Work on the iReady Diagnostic test.
– HOMEWORK:  Micro-Fiction stories due Monday.

Thursday, September 5:  Slides.  Work on Micro-Fiction stories.  Picture Day!
– HOMEWORK:  Micro-Fiction stories due Monday.

Wednesday, September 4:  Slides. Root Kahoot – review the Greek roots.  Set up binders.  (If you are absent, come in at lunch to get this done.)
– HOMEWORK:  Picture Day tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 3:  Slides.  Go over the syllabus.  Set up work crates.
– HOMEWORK:  Supplies due 9/4/2019 (TOMORROW)!!

Monday, September 2:   No School – Labor Day

Friday, August 30:  Sticky-note stations then syllabus highlights (see slides).  Do a round of Speed “Dating”.  Remember – supplies are due 9/4!
– HOMEWORK:  Supplies due 9/4/2019.  Enjoy the long weekend!

Thursday, August 29: First day of class!  Welcome back!
HOMEWORKComplete unfinished station worksheets for tomorrow.   Supplies due 9/4/2019.