Absent Student – English II

Check here for the work you missed in class!  Updated Daily/Weekly.

Friday, December 7:  MyVoice Survey (please complete via my website).  Library time.  See slides.
– HOMEWORK:  NoRedInk –  Unit 4 Practice – QUIZ TUESDAY.
Thursday, December 6: 
NoRedInk Work Time.  End-of-novel survey.  Work time – essay corrections, podcast, NoRedInk.  See slides – period 2 or period 4
Essay Corrections.  NoRedInk –  Unit 4 Practice – QUIZ TUESDAY.
Wednesday, December 5:
Roots Quiz.  Work Time – Essay corrections, podcast questions, NoRedInk work time.  See slides
Essay Corrections.  NoRedInk –  Unit 4 Practice. 
Tuesday, December 4: 
NoRedInk Work Time.  Listen to survival podcast (link on my homepage).  Get questions from Mrs. Schulte.  See slides.
 Review Roots.  NoRedInk –  Unit 4 Practice. 
Monday, December 3:
MUGS (revise sentences).  Work on final drafts of essay – due tomorrow!  See slides
Review Roots.  NoRedInk –  Unit 4 Practice.  ESSAY FINAL DRAFTS DUE TUESDAY!

Friday, November 30: 
SSR (Book Bingo Sheets).  Peer Revisions of Essays.  See slides
 Typed drafts (2 copies) – due Monday (if not done today). NoRedInk –  Unit 4 Practice.  ESSAY FINAL DRAFTS DUE TUESDAY!
Thursday, November 29: 
NoRedInk Work Time – Unit 4.  Get outline checked then start typing.  1st drafts due tomorrow!!  See slides.
Typed drafts (2 copies) – due tomorrow. NoRedInk –  Unit 4 Practice.
Wednesday, November 28: 
Roots (#9).  Notes on compare/contrast.  See slides then complete the reverse outline (page 35).
Reverse Outline – due tomorrow. NoRedInk –  Unit 4 Diagnostic and Practice.
Tuesday, November 27: 
NoRedInk Work Time -Unit 4.  Fishbowl Discussion – Lord of the Flies (see slides).
NoRedInk –  Unit 4 Diagnostic and Practice.
Monday, November 26:  MUGS (#11).  Discuss Lord of the Flies (see slides).
– HOMEWORK:   NoRedInk Unit 3 – Extra Practice.  Unit 4 Diagnostic.


Tuesday, November 20:  Quick Roots (#8).  Timed Write – see slides.
NoRedInk Unit 3 – Extra Practice.
Monday, November 19: 
MUGS #10.  Work on page 32 and character charts.  Complete quiz over chapter 12.  See slides
Character charts.  NoRedInk Unit 3 – Extra Practice.
Friday, November 16: 
Renew/Return @ Library.  Chapter 11 Work Time.  Discussion over chapter 11 – page 30-31. See slides.
Read chapter 12 – due Monday.  NoRedInk Unit 3 – Extra Practice.
Thursday, November 15: 
NoRedInk Unit 3 Quiz.  Chapter 10 Work Time.  Discussion over chapters 9 and 10.  See slides.
Read chapter 11 – due tomorrow.
Wednesday, November 14: 
Roots (see Roots page for this week’s).  Work on pages 26 and 27 for chapter 9 (due Thursday).  Read chapter 10.  See slides.
Read chapter 10 – due tomorrow.  NoRedInk – Unit 3 – Quiz tomorrow!
Tuesday, November 13: 
NoRedInk (Work Time).  Close Read – Chapter 8.  See slides
Read chapter 9 – due tomorrow.  NoRedInk – Unit 3, Part 2 Practice (due Tuesday night).
Monday, November 12: 
MUGS #9.  Read Chapter 8. See slides.
Read chapter 8 – due Tuesday.  NoRedInk – Unit 3, Part 2 Practice (due Tuesday night).
Friday, November 9: 
Quizzer over chapter 7.  Discussion of 1-7 then writing assignment (see slides for instructions). 
– HOMEWORK:   Quote Analysis paragraph – due Monday.  Read chapter 8 – due Tuesday.  NoRedInk – Unit 3, Part 2 Practice (due Tuesday night).
Thursday, November 8: 
NoRedInk Work Time.  Quizzer over chapter 6.  Work on chapter 7 – due tomorrow.  See slides
 Read chapter 7 – due tomorrow.  NoRedInk – Unit 3, Part 2 Practice (due Tuesday night).
Wednesday, November 7: 
Roots quiz.  Work on chapter 6 – due tomorrow.  See slides.
 Read chapter 6 – due Thursday.  NoRedInk – Unit 3, Part 1 Practice (due tonight).
Tuesday, November 6. 
NoRedInk Work Time.  Read from chapter 5 then discuss (need a handout from Mrs. Schulte – Chapter5_Discussion).  Daily slides here.
Read chapter 6 – due Thursday.  NoRedInk – Unit 3, Part 1 Practice (due Wednesday).
Monday, November 5: 
MUGS.  Quizzer chapter 4.  Discuss chapter 4 (see slides for questions).  Read chapter 5.
Read chapter 5 – due tomorrow.  NoRedInk – Unit 3, Part 1 Practice (due Wednesday).
Friday, November 2:
Work on reading chapters 2 and 3.  Submit two tweets (on paper) – one from each chapter.  Discuss pages 12 and 14 in study guides.
Read chapter 4 – due Monday.  NoRedInk – Unit 3, Part 1 Practice (due Wednesday).
Thursday, November 1:
NoRedInk Quiz.  Discuss Chapter 1 (page 9).  
Read chapters 2 and 3 – due tomorrow.
Wednesday, October 31:
Roots #6.  Finish reading chapter 1 of Lord of the Flies.  
Unit 2 practice (NoRedInk).  Unit 3 Diagnostic.  Read chapter 1 and work on study guide or annotations.
Tuesday, October 30: 
Term (symbolism).  Start reading Chapter 1 of Lord of the Flies.  Here is a link to the audiobook.
Unit 2 practice (NoRedInk).  Unit 3 Diagnostic.  Read chapter 1 and work on study guide or annotations.
Monday, October 29: 
MUGS#7.  Get new unit packet (Lord of the Flies).  Complete page 1 then play game (see slides). 
Unit 2 practice (NoRedInk).  Unit 3 Diagnostic.  Read!
Friday, October 26: 
Survey (see link on homepage).  Library day (return, renew, checkout, read!)
Unit 2 practice (NoRedInk).  Unit 3 Diagnostic.  Read!
Thursday, October 25:
NoRedInk – Unit 2 Quiz.  Go to my homepage and click on a link for a current event.  Complete handout (found in classroom) then write the summary paragraph.
Unit 2 practice (NoRedInk).  Finish paragraph.
Wednesday, October 24: 
Latin Roots (#4 and #5).  Embedding quotes lecture. 
Unit 2 practice (NoRedInk) – Quiz tomorrow.  
Tuesday, October 23: 
SRI (Reading Inventory).   Work on NoRedInk and/or Essay Corrections.  (Slides with instructions).
Unit 2 practice (NoRedInk) – Quiz Thursday.  Essay Corrections (due tomorrow)
Monday, October 22: 
NoRedInk – Unit 2 Practice.  Essay Corrections (see slides for instructions). 
 Unit 2 practice (NoRedInk) – Quiz tomorrow.  Essay Corrections (due Wednesday)

Thursday, October 18 and Friday, October 19 – No School (MEA Break)

Wednesday, October 17:  Check of 1st drafts.  Work through peer revisions.  Final drafts due by 3:30 Today.  Click here for today’s notes and the revision stations.
Unit 2 practice (NoRedInk). 
Tuesday, October 16:
Check of outlines.  Work on drafting 1st drafts – due tomorrow.
 Complete 1st drafts – due tomorrow!  Unit 2 practice (NoRedInk). 
Monday, October 15:
MUGS #6.  Go over outline for essay.  Work on outline – due tomorrow.
Complete outline.  Read your books!  Unit 2 practice (NoRedInk). 
Friday, October 12: 
Library return/renew.  Brainstorming/Prewriting for Comparison Essay on the topic of Heroism.  (See Calendar for notes link or here). 
Read your books!  Unit 2 practice (NoRedInk).  For Monday, you need to have 2 subjects, 3 points of comparison, and evidence/examples pulled for the essay.
Thursday, October 11: 
NoRedInk – Unit 2 Practice.  Finish reading “Banality of Heroism” and answer the questions.  Write down 4 hero types.  (See slide show linked @ calendar page). 
– HOMEWORK:  Read your books!  Unit 2 practice (NoRedInk).
Wednesday, October 10:  
Roots Quiz! (You will need to make this up.) *Hand in podcast questions.  Read “Banality of Heroism.”  We will work on questions tomorrow. 
Read your books!  Unit 2 practice (NoRedInk).
Tuesday, October 9: 
Term (Tone/Mood).  Listen to podcast and answer questions.  Video is linked on my website for lecture. 
Read your books!  Unit 2 practice (NoRedInk).  Finish podcast.
Monday, October 8: 
MUGS #5.  Finish discussion on Henry V speech, finish pages 22 and 23. 
Read your books!  Unit 2 practice (NoRedInk).
Friday, October 5: 
NoRedInk Unit 1 Quiz (MUST make up!).  Work in groups to analyze “St. Crispin’s Day Speech” from Henry V.  Discuss aspects of heroism. 
Read your books!
Thursday, October 4: 
Work on NoRedInk – Unit 1 Practice.  Listen to Podcast (“How to be a Hero”) linked on my website homepage and finish note sheet on page 16 OR 17.  
Podcast notes.  NoRedInk – Unit 1 practice (due Thurs, 10/4 – Quiz Fri, 10/5).  Read “St. Crispin’s Day Speech (pages 18-20) for Friday.
Wednesday, October 3:
 Roots #3 (Quiz next Wednesday).  Go to Commonlit.org and create an account then read “Invictus” and answer the questions (see my homepage for link and setup).  BRING HEADPHONES TOMORROW.
NoRedInk – Unit 1 practice (due Thurs, 10/4 – Quiz Fri, 10/5).  Read “St. Crispin’s Day Speech (pages 18-20) for Friday.
Tuesday, October 2: 
Terms – Imagery.  Read “Charge of the Light Brigade” and annotate using the TPS-FASTT method.

 Annotations_Charge Per.2 Annotations_Charge Per.4
NoRedInk – Unit 1 practice (due Thurs, 10/4 – Quiz Fri, 10/5).  Read “St. Crispin’s Day Speech (pages 18-20) for Friday.
Monday, October 1:
MUGS#4.  Discuss answers to “37 people”.  Hand in police report.
NoRedInk – Unit 1 practice (due Thurs, 10/4 – Quiz Fri, 10/5).  Read “St. Crispin’s Day Speech (pages 18-20) for Friday.
Friday, September 28: 
NoRedInk – Complete Unit 1 Diagnostic.  Read article on pages 9-11 then complete police report on pages 7-8.  DUE MONDAY.
Finish reading article and completing police report.  Work on NoRedInk for 20-30 minutes. 
Thursday, September 27: 
Writing – Revised sentences.  View TEDTalk linked on homepage then complete the handout on page 6.  Turn in “Power of Words” handout.
Finish page 6 handout over TEDTalk.
Wednesday, September 26: 
District Writing Assessment.  You MUST make this up by Monday, 10/1.
Read.  Finish “Power of Words” handout.
Tuesday, September 25: 
Roots (get the 3 roots from a neighbor).  HAND IN REVISED PARAGRAPH.  Discuss heroes vs villains (get notes from a neighbor).
HOMEWORKRead the article on pages 3-4.  Is he a hero or not?
Monday, September 24:  MUGS 3.  Notes on heroic / unheroic traits (get from a classmate).  
Read about two heroes (see links on homepage).  Revise paragraph for tomorrow!
Friday, September 21: 
SSR (reading time).  Notes on “Words to Avoid.”  Work on “Power of Words” handout.  Revise “The Scarlet Ibis” paragraphs.
Paragraphs due Tuesday 9/25
Handout due Thursday 9/27
Read.  Revise Paragraphs.  Work on handout.
Thursday, September 20: 
Embedding Quotes handout.  MLA Notes – get handout from Absent Work Bin then complete notes using link on homepage, password: bengals.
Wednesday, September 19:
Roots (week 1).  Complete in-class writing assignment (last two pages of unit 1).  Hand in paragraph, grid, and rubric.
Tuesday, September 18:  Terms (Motif).  ACT Aspire (must be made up by 9/21).  Work on Grid.
Finish Grid for tomorrow.  Read!
Monday, September 17: 
MUGS #2.  Work on the grid following “The Scarlet Ibis.”  Needed for Wednesday in class.
HOMEWORKRead your books!
Friday, September 14: 
(Due: Questions for “The Scarlet Ibis”)  NoRedInk Diagnostic.  You need to get logged in and set up your account.  See the home page for the instructions.
Thursday, September 13: 
Library day!  Check out a book and bring it tomorrow!
Read!! Fill out your pacing bookmarks and get started.  “The Scarlet Ibis” questions due tomorrow.
Wednesday, September 12:
Pick up “Roots” handout as a reference.  Read “The Scarlet Ibis”.  Answer the questions (1-7) – due Friday.
Finish questions 1-7 for Friday.
Tuesday, September 11: 
(Due: Questions 1-8, “The Necklace”)  Literary Terms – Theme.  Discuss some questions from the story.  Take notes on writing.
Monday, September 10: 
(Due: Introductory Paragraphs)  MUGS #1, Read the short story “The Necklace.”  Answer questions 1-8 at the end.
Answer questions 1-8 at the end of the story.
Friday, September 7: 
Review questions for “Thank you Ma’am.”  Review Introductory Paragraphs (1st page of writing handbook).  Assign writing paragraph (page immediately following questions for short story).
HOMEWORK Write an introductory paragraph in the accurate format for the short story “Thank You Ma’am.”  Due Monday.
Thursday, September 6: 
PICTURES!  Get the Unit 1 Packet then read “Thank you Ma’am” and answer the questions.
Finish the questions for “Thank you Ma’am.”
Wednesday, September 5: 
Root Kahoot online (review of Greek roots).  Assemble binders for class.
HOMEWORK:  Email due tomorrow (see Tuesday).  Picture day tomorrow.  
Tuesday, September 4:
 Finish “Power of Punctuation” notes.  Go over Email Netiquette (get notes from classmate).
HOMEWORK:  Write one email for one scenario – due Thursday 9/6/2018.  SUPPLIES/SYLLABUS DUE TOMORROW.

Friday, August 31:  Syllabus review and Power of Punctuation notes
HOMEWORK:  Signed syllabus and supplies due 9/5/2018.  Get notes from a classmate and complete exercise.
Thursday, August 30
: First day of class!  Welcome back!
HOMEWORKComplete “You Are Here” worksheet for tomorrow.