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English II – Revisions for Essay!

Once you have your first draft typed, you need to complete the self-revision.  The instructions are in the attached PDF below.

Self-Revision Instructions

After you mark those revisions and correct those items in your draft, you now have a clean 2nd draft.  Now you need to complete the Revisions on the attached PDF below.

Revision Instructions – 2nd Draft

After you mark the 2nd batch of revisions and correct those items on the draft, read through it one last time aloud.  If it sounds good, print it off!  That’s your final!

English II – Self-Revisions

Personal Narrative – Self-Revision Checklist

  1. Look at your paper.  Does it have a heading?  Title? Paragraphs?  Are the paragraphs indented?
  2. Read through your paper to yourself…OUT LOUD.  Mark any mistakes you hear as you read.
  3. Do you have at least one simile and one metaphor?  Mark those with an S and an M.
  4. Highlight in pink any set of adjectives that describe one noun (so more than one adjective put together with a conjunction and/or a comma).
  5. Highlight in green any vivid verbs you use in the story (think action words).
  6. Underline any exchanges of dialogue (external) or any internal dialogue (also should be italicized). If you don’t have any, mark where you can add some.
  7. Do you fulfill the objectives of a personal narrative?
    1. A single incident in your life
    2. Written in 1st person (I, me, my, etc)
    3. Descriptive language
    4. Dialogue (external and internal)
    5. A lesson is relayed to the reader

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to HHS!

This is the page where you will find TONS of information including…

  • My contact information
  • Absent student assignments and homework
  • Independent reading requirements
  • Daily posts of notes, etc.

Most importantly, right now, you will find your supply list!  All supplies are due September 4 (for sophomores) or 6 (for juniors), 2019 IN CLASS!

  • 1½” or 2” 3-ring Binder
  • 16 divider tabs (usually come in packs of 8 so buy 2)
  • Loose-leaf paper and/or perforated notebook (at least 2, better with 3)
  • Pencils – #2 (doesn’t matter mechanical or manual)
  • Pens – any color but purple (reserved for me!)

It is going to be an awesome year in Room 31!


NoRedInk Setup Instructions

NoRedInk is an online grammar tool that we will be using across the school this year.  It will hopefully allow us to narrow down what skills we need to focus on while reinforcing those skills our students have mastered.

To get started as a student, click on the link below (the class code you will need is at the bottom of this post).  You can use your Gmail address to login.

If you already have a NoRedInk account from another class, you need to login and add my English class.  The class codes are below:

Period 1:

Period 3:

Period 4:

Period 5:

Period 7: