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English 2 – E-Cigarette Resources

Here is a list of the resources you need to read/listen to as part of this mini-research paper.  The ones that have a * are required.

The Truth About Vaping (Podcast) * – This will correspond with the note sheet in your packet.

2018 National Youth Survey (Infographic) * – Take notes on the corresponding sheet (labeled Infographics)

Center for Tobacco Products (Infographic) * – Take notes on the corresponding sheet (labeled Infographics)

Surgeon General’s “Know the Risks”

CDC’s Electronic Cigarette Webpage

Surgeon General’s Report on E-Cig Use Among Youths (Be warned – 28 pages!)

NPR: Vaping (This is a collection of short articles as well as brief radio broadcasts surrounding several points on vaping.)

Links to Printed Articles from Databases (Audio feature online) – Need Login to access off school grounds.

E-Cigarettes are Safer…

Vaping Should be Regulated…

…E-Cigarette Needs Global Regulation

Link to Additional Articles and Videos

English 2 – Social Media Articles

Pick one of the four articles below (the first one is also included as a hard copy text in the packet).  Read it, annotate it, and take notes on it in your packet on the appropriate note sheet.

“The Secret Social Media Lives of Teenagers” by Ana Homayoun

“American Girls:  How Social Media is Disrupting the Lives of Teenagers” by Nancy Jo Sales or here “American Girls…”

“How Teens Use Social Media” by Mary H. K. Choi

“Our Bodies, Our Selfies: The Feminist Photo Revolution” by Jessica Bennett

Notes to Take

  1. How has social media changed our lives?
  2. What are various platforms available on social media, and who are using those platforms?
  3. Underline at least four quotes you agree or disagree with.
  4. Record why you agree or disagree with them.