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2081 Video Link – English 3

If you are gone on Thursday (5/17), here is a link to the video that we are watching in class.  it is a visual interpretation of the short story “Harrison Bergeron.”  You also need to answer the questions on the page I handed out in class (page “7.5”).

English III – Literary Analysis Essay

Here are some helpful links on literary analysis essays: 


Remember, these won’t give you the answers you need to include in your essay but rather guide you on how you can organize and think about your essay.  This is showing me what you understand and connections you have made within the literary work.

Here is an outline you can use:

Image result for literary analysis outline

English 3 – Creating Writable PDF

To create a writable PDF (specifically the college application):

  1. Find the PDF of the application online (search “universal college application pdf”)
  2. Download the application.
  3. Open the download folder.  Click “Show in Folder.”
  4. Drag the PDF document over to your Google Drive.  Drop it into “Files.”
  5. Click the document to open it.
  6. Once it is open in Google, click on “Open with” at the top.
  7. Click on “Connect more apps.”
  8. Search for “Doc Hub” then connect to that app.
  9. Once it is connected, click on “Open with” again and open with “Doc Hub.”  Give the app permission.
  10. You can now type in the document using the text button (“A”).

English 3 – Review for Quiz

Here is the “need to know” for the quiz on Thursday, 2/15.  Don’t forget – Book reviews due 2/16!

– regionalism
– local color
– characteristics of realism
– dialect

Literary Terms:
Dialect, dialogue, diction
– Figure of Speech / Idiom
– Extended Metaphor (simile, metaphor, personification)

– noxious
– bilk
– blasphemy
– absolution
– abstain
– acquiesce
– lampoon
– tenacious
– replete
– haughty

quotation marks, formatting
– appositives