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English 2 – Heroism Essay Notes

For Monday, make sure you have picked your 2 subjects, your 3 points of comparison, and gone through the texts to pull examples.

Subject Options

Classical Hero
Epic Hero
Everyman Hero
Tragic Hero

Point Options

  • Selflessness
  • bravery / courage
  • reaction status (reactionary actions versus thought-out)
  • Nature of observancy


You can pull from any of the poems, articles, podcasts, TEDTalks, etc we read in class and from any other texts you have read.

English 2 – Tuesday’s Assignment

Here is a link to the video lecture for today.  It contains the bell ringer and the starter for the podcast.  You may have to download it to view.  Click the button to download then open it in the folder that should appear on the desktop or in the bottom right hand corner of your Chromebook.  Then you should be able to hit play and get going!

Tuesday Class Work

The podcast link doesn’t work within the slide, so here it is: Deep Dive.

Here are the Google slides (no video) that will allow the internal link to work.

Tuesday Class Work – No Video Lecture

English 2 – Hero TED Talk

In today’s TED talk, you hear Philip Zimbardo discuss the concept of “Everyday Heroes.”  This is something we will explore in some of the writings we will read.  He has started a mission to train everyday heroes so in times of need, we can react heroically instead of alternatively.  Click on the link below to explore this movement:

Heroic Imagination Project

There’s a blog you can follow, a newsletter you can receive, and workshops you could sign up for.  Even just raising awareness is a step.  Check it out!