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English 3 – Tuesday’s Assignment

Here is a link to the video to get you started Tuesday in class.   (Note * I mention a timer to keep you on task while reading.  The video doesn’t work within this video, but the guest teacher will pull up the slide on the projector so you can keep track of it.)  REMEMBER:  Work well today so you have work time tomorrow.

Tuesday Class Work

Here are the Google slides (no video) that will allow the timer to work.

Tuesday Class Work – No Video Lecture

English 3 – Sentences

Here are the topic sentences for the periods (I don’t have 3rd period’s sentence – sorry!):

Period 5: Leslie Marmon Silko explained to the reader that the ignorant ways of European settlers are going to lead to the demise of the Native way of life.

Period 6:  Leslie Marmon Silko explained to the reader that the continuation of colonization brings death and disparity to the Native Americans.

Remember: This is your topic sentence.  It is up to you to find QUALITY evidence and write the analysis to prove this sentence. 

8 Sentence Minimum!