Absent Student – English III

Check here for the work you missed in class!  Updated Daily/Weekly.

Wednesday, November 13:  Slides.
We got down our Words for Week 7. The quiz will be after Thanksgiving.

Then we finished viewing Act 4 and discussed questions for Act 4 and handed them in.  After that, we went over the writing assignments for the end.  They will be working on this all next week.

– Read 20 minutes
– NoRedInk – Unit 3

Tuesday, November 12:  Slides.
NoRedInk Work Time.  Quiz is 11/22.  Finish Act 4 reading then complete questions for Act 4 – due tomorrow.  View Act 4.

– NoRedInk Unit 3 – Quiz 11/22.
– Act 4 Questions – due tomorrow.

Monday, November 11:  Slides.
We jumped right into The Crucible.  Act 3 questions were due today.  We started reading Act 4.  We will finish that tomorrow and Act 4 questions will be due Wednesday.

** The final test for The Crucible is FRIDAY! **

– Answer the first few questions for Act 4.
– NoRedInk Unit 3, Quiz 11/22.
– Read 20 minutes.

Friday, November 8:  Slides.
We started with the vocabulary quiz.  Then we finished viewing Act 3 and the students worked on questions or read independently.

– NoRedInk – Quiz 11/22
– Work on Act 3 Questions – due Monday
– Read 20 minutes

Thursday, November 7: Slides.
We did a little NoRedInk in class.  Their quiz over Unit 3 will be 11/22.

We then viewed Act 3 in lieu of reading it.  The questions for Act 3 are still due Monday, though!  If you would like a textbook to check out, please let me know.

– Vocabulary Quiz (3rd/7th – tomorrow, 1st – Monday)
– Act 3 Questions
– NoRedInk Unit 3

Wednesday November 6: Slides.
I handed out a crossword to help review for the vocabulary quiz.   We are all over the place but most will be reading Act 3 and working on questions.

1st Period – has questions 1-5 in Act 3 to complete

3rd period – nothing

7th period – ?? Not sure yet.

HOMEWORK:    Review for vocabulary quiz!

Tuesday, November 5:  Slides.
The bell ringer was finishing a sentence that looked at John Proctor’s inner motivations for telling the truth about Abigail and the supposed “witchcraft.”
After the bell ringer, we wrapped up Act 2, discussed questions, then viewed Act 2.

– (1st / 7th) Finish Act 2 Questions
– NoRedInk Practice
– Read 20 minutes

Monday, November 4: Slides.
We revised a couple sentences at the beginning of class.
We then read Act 2.  The students have Act 2 questions to answer.  They are in their binders within The Crucible packet.  Due tomorrow.
– Act 2 Questions
– Read 20 minutes

Friday, November 1:  Slides.
We wrote a journal entry today to start then read half of Act 2.  We will finish Act 2 on Monday and answer the questions.  It is a smart move to work on the questions outside of class even though we are discussing in class.
– Finish podcast questions – due Monday
– Read 20 minutes

Thursday, October 31:  Slides.
Students started working on NRI Unit 3 Practice.  The quiz for this isn’t for awhile – November 22, but it’s a longer unit.

We also listened to a podcast: ThisIsCriminal, episode #79, “Secrets and Seances”.  They have questions in their packets to complete.  This will be the first grade of quarter 2 (it’s due Monday).
– Review vocabulary – quiz 11/8
– Finish podcast questions – due Monday

Wednesday, October 30:  Slides.
We started with our vocab for the week.  There is a quizlet on my website they can use to review the terms.  I’m going to try and have a crossword printed as well.  The quiz is 11/8.

We then briefly went over the remaining Act 1 questions then viewed the rest of Act 1 in the film.
HOMEWORK: The last day to turn in missing work is TOMORROW.

Tuesday, October 29:  Slides.
We had some NoRedInk Work Time where they worked on the Unit 3 Diagnostic.  They need to finish outside of class if they didn’t get it done in class.
Then we finished reading Act 1 of The Crucible and watched the beginning of the film.  They needed to answer questions 7-15 (we did 1-6 yesterday).

  1. Work on questions 7-15 for The Crucible
  2. Read 20 minutes
  3. Finish NRI Unit 3 Diagnostic

Monday, October 28:  Slides.
We revised two more sentences.  They received a new batch of sentences.
We then tried to finish Act 1 of The Crucible.  Didn’t quite get there so we will finish tomorrow.  They have questions 1-6 on page 5 of their packets to complete (on a separate page).
– Finish questions 1-6 on page 5 of the packet.
– Read 20 minutes

Friday, October 25:  Slides.
Students did a quick 3, 2, 1 reviewing the plot of The Crucible.  Again, if they are struggling with understanding, they can read the summaries on Sparknotes.

Students completed the NoRedInk – Unit 2 quiz.  (Retakes – students are allowed to retake the quizzes once they have completed the practice.  They can retake as often as needed to get to an 80%).
– Read 20 minutes!
– Last day I’m accepting late/missing work is Wednesday!

Thursday, October 24Slides.
We had some NoRedInk work time.  The Unit 2 quiz over NoRedInk is tomorrow.
We continued reading The Crucible.  If students are bored, they can read the summaries on Sparknotes to help them keep track of the plot.
– NoRedInk quiz tomorrow! Unit 2
– Essay corrections for “Letters to the Editor” were due today!

Wednesday, October 23:  Slides.
We started with our vocabulary words for the week – Week 5. Then we began reading The Crucible.  We will read this in class as well as watch the movie as we go.  The students will have study guide/discussion questions we will try to finish in class as well so hopefully homework isn’t as busy!
– NoRedInk – Unit 2 Practice (quiz is Friday)
– Essay Corrections – due Thursday (instructions are on the slides from yesterday).

Tuesday, October 22:   Slides.
Work on NoRedInk (Unit 2 quiz is Friday).

Complete essay corrections for the “Letter to the Editor.”  Due Thursday
– NoRedInk Quiz (Unit 2) is Friday – be working on the practic

Monday, October 21:  Slides.
Students needed to hand in their questions for “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.”
We started with revising two sentences for our grammar.

After that, we watched a short video to gain background knowledge of the Salem Witch Trials then “played” a game to provide a concrete experience.  The students had to decide who was a witch then create the largest group that did not contain a witch.  We then discussed how fear and irrational reasoning fueled the hysteria.
– Hand in “Sinners” questions
– NoRedInk Quiz (Unit 2) is Friday – be working on the practice

Wednesday, October 16:  Slides.
Hand in final drafts of Letters to the Editor!
We did the vocabulary for Week 4.  You need to find the definitions plus synonyms and antonyms plus write a sentence.
After that, we finished reading “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” which is in the packet they received yesterday.  If they didn’t get it, I have it in my room and they can come to pick it up.  After reading, they need to finish questions 1-7 on page 3 in the packet.
– Finish “Sinners” questions.
– NoRedInk – Unit 2 practice

Tuesday, October 15:  Slides.
We worked on NoRedInk for a few minutes.
We then went over some Puritan characteristics and began reading “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.”  This is a religious text but I frame it in the literary sense.  We will be looking for literary devices used then discuss the technique he uses to persuade his listeners.  I will give 3rd period their packets tomorrow so those students will probably have more homework than 1st or 7th periods.
Final drafts for Letters to the Editor DUE TOMORROW!
– NoRedInk – Unit 2 Practice (Quiz is 10/25)

Monday, October 14:  Slides.
We revised sentences at the beginning of the period – MUGS #5.
Then we revised the “Letters to the Editor” that they should have had written for today.  Most students had something; some had nothing.  The final drafts are due Wednesday by the end of the day.  As a reminder, the assignment is to write a Letter to the Editor.  They pick a topic of their choice, develop a claim, bring in evidence to support their argument, and keep it between 250-500 words.
– Work on NoRedInk – Unit 2
– Revise and finalize the Letter to the Editor – due Wednesday (hand in all drafts)

Friday, October 11:  Slides.
We went down to the library to renew/return books.  Students should ALWAYS have a book they are currently reading.
Then we discussed the articles they read yesterday, they handed in their two paragraphs of critique, then I assigned the Letter to the Editor they are outlining and drafting – due Monday.  The outline can be informal but I want something.  Rough drafts are due Monday.
– Be working on NoRedInk – Unit 2 Practice.
– Outline and Draft the “Letter to the Editor” – Due Monday

Thursday, October 10:  Slides.
NoRedInk – Unit 2 Diagnostic.  Then analyze the strength and effectiveness of each of the articles linked here.  Write a paragraph for each.  Article 1 and Article 2.
– HOMEWORK:  Read articles, analyze their argument, write up the analysis in a paragraph for each article.

Wednesday, October 9:  Slides.
Vocabulary quiz.  Work on essays (Parts 1-3).
– HOMEWORK: Outline due tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 8:  Slides.   
Test over Colonial literature.  Work on essays (part 1 and 2 due tomorrow).
– HOMEWORK: Review for vocabulary quiz.  Work on essays – part 1 and 2.

Monday, October 7:  Slides.
Read “The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano” and answer the questions.  Hand in.
– HOMEWORK:  Finish questions.  Review for test tomorrow.  

Friday, October 4: Slides.
We had a work day today.  The students received their essay prompt for our 2nd significant write.  It has a more structured beginning.  I told them my expectation was for them to be through Part II by Wednesday.
After that, they had time to read independently and work on their “Coming of Age in the Dawnland” paragraphs.  The prompt is on page 33 (Performance Task) and the outline is on my slides.  They should have handed those in at the end of the period.  I’ll have grades updated Monday.
– HOMEWORK: 1) Finish paragraphs (due today).  2) Study for test – Tuesday (Multiple Choice + 3 short answer over the two major Colonial pieces – “Plymouth Plantation” and “Coming of Age in the Dawnland”). 3) Review vocabulary (quizlet posted, Quiz Wednesday)

Thursday, October 3:  Slides.  Open-book quiz over “Coming of Age in the Dawnland.”  Work on paragraph on page 33.
– HOMEWORK: Work on paragraph – due at end of period tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 2:  Slides.  Words – Week 4.  Finish reading “Coming of Age in the Dawnland” and begin working on paragraph on page 33.
– HOMEWORK:  Read pages 27-31 out of “Coming of Age in the Dawnland.”  (Come check out a textbook or read it online.  Instructions for logging into textbook.) 

Tuesday, October 1:  Slides.   NoRedInk Unit 1 Quiz (you’ll need to come in and make it up).  Read “Coming of Age in the Dawnland” in Collections (come check out a textbook or read it online.  Instructions for logging into textbook.)  Read pages 23-27 and annotate.
– HOMEWORK:  Read pages 23-27 out of “Coming of Age in the Dawnland.”

Monday, September 30:  Slides.  Revise set #4 of MUGS sentences.
1. Discuss pg 17 for “Plymouth Plantation” then hand it in.  Due today.
2. Read the Iroquois Myth starting on page 19 then answer questions 2-6 on page 22. Due tomorrow.
– HOMEWORK: Finish reading Iroquois Myth and answering questions 2-6 – due tomorrow.  NoRedInk Unit 1 quiz tomorrow!

Friday, September 27:  Slides.  Independent reading first.  Finish reading “Plymouth Plantation” with annotations then work on page 17.
– HOMEWORKFinish pg 17 for Monday.  Read for 20 minutes/day.  Work on NoRedInk.  Review vocabulary from weeks 1 and 2.

Thursday, September 26:  Slides.  Essay corrections due!  NoRedInk work time.  Begin reading “Plymouth Plantation” and use annotation signposts to annotate as you read.
– HOMEWORK:  Read for 20 minutes/day.  Work on NoRedInk.  Review vocabulary from weeks 1 and 2.

Wednesday, September 25:  Slides.  District Writing Assessment.
– HOMEWORK:  Essay Corrections due Thursday. Read for 20 minutes/day.  Work on NoRedInk.  Review vocabulary from weeks 1 and 2.

Tuesday, September 24:  Slides.  NoRedInk work time.   Essay corrections – see slides for instructions.  These are due Thursday!  Make sure you turn in the thematic paragraphs.
– HOMEWORK:  Essay Corrections due Thursday. Read for 20 minutes/day.  Work on NoRedInk.  Review vocabulary from weeks 1 and 2.

Monday, September 23:  Slides.  MUGS #3.  Write a paragraph analyzing the theme in “Indian Boy Love Song (#2)”.  Due tomorrow.
– HOMEWORK:  Thematic Paragraph DUE TOMORROW!   Read for 20 minutes/day.  Work on NoRedInk.  Review vocabulary from weeks 1 and 2.

Friday, September 20:  Slides.  Silent Reading Time.  Finish annotating poem on page 2.
– HOMEWORK:  Read for 20 minutes/day.  Work on NoRedInk.  Review vocabulary from weeks 1 and 2.

Thursday, September 19:  Slides.  NoRedInk Work Time.  Get new unit (grab from Mrs. Schulte tomorrow).  Take notes on page 1.  Begin analyzing poem on page 2 using acronym on page 3.
– HOMEWORK:  None, but remember to bring your book tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 18:  Slides.  Hand in final draft!  Vocabulary – Words Wednesday.  Complete ACT Aspire – English.
– HOMEWORK:  None.

Tuesday, September 17:  Slides.  NRI – Unit 1 Diagnostic.  Have completed by Thursday!  Library day – have a book in class on Friday!
– HOMEWORK:  Final drafts due Wednesday @ beginning of class!

Monday, September 16:  Slides. MUGS #2.  Self-Revision stations (see post on homepage for the description of the stations).  Final drafts due Wednesday!
– HOMEWORK:  Final drafts due Wednesday @ beginning of class!

Friday, September 13:  Slides.  1st Chapter Fridays (grab a purple sheet when you get back).  Plagiarism Game (email Mrs. Schulte for notes and she’ll send them to you).  Work on rough drafts.
– HOMEWORK:  Rough drafts are due 1st period!!

Thursday, September 12:  Slides.  Give me a 6-word memoir from your last 24 hours (write on a separate piece of paper and clip into your writing tab).  Revisit Timed Writes – what skills are essential to effective essays?
– HOMEWORK:  Revise essays into a solid rough draft (due Monday).

Wednesday, September 11:  Slides.  Words Wednesday – complete week 1.  Read, annotate, and analyze President Bush’s 9/11 Speech (pg 27 in Unit 1 packet).  Answer questions on page 28.
– HOMEWORK:  None unless you are missing work.

Tuesday, September 10:  Slides.  Timed Write – Give me your worst essay.
– HOMEWORK:  None unless you are missing work.

Monday, September 9:  Slides.  MUGS Monday – get sentences from Mrs. Schulte when you are back in class.  Discuss annotations – what worked, what didn’t.  Continue reading/annotating in preparation for timed write essay tomorrow.
– HOMEWORK:  Read two articles and annotate using the Notice and Note strategy. 

Friday, September 6:  Slides.  Put together binders.  Begin Unit 1 – Read two articles and annotate using the strategy we went over in class (Notice and Note).
– HOMEWORK:  Read two articles and annotate using the Notice and Note strategy. 

Thursday, September 5:  Slides.  Work on 6-Word Memoirs.  Picture day!
– HOMEWORK:  Supplies, NoRedInk Diagnostic, and 6-word Memoir ALL DUE FRIDAY!

Wednesday, September 4:  Slides.  Hand in your “Letters.”  Go through syllabus – signed pages due Friday.  Set up your crates.  Begin 6-word memoir assignment.
– HOMEWORK:  Supplies, NoRedInk Diagnostic, and 6-word Memoir ALL DUE FRIDAY!

Tuesday, September 3:  Slides.  Go over email assignment from Friday.  Complete NoRedInk Diagnostic.  Bring supplies Friday!
– HOMEWORK:  Complete “Letter to Self” – due tomorrow!  Supplies due Friday.

Monday, September 2:  No School – Labor Day

Friday, August 31:  Slides from today.  Sticky note stations then syllabus highlights.  Email netiquette – go through instructions on slides then grab a handout on Monday from the absent student crate to complete.
– HOMEWORK:  Complete “Letter to Self” letter for Wednesday.  Bring supplies Friday, 9/6.  Complete Email analysis.

Thursday, August 30: First day of class!  Welcome back!
HOMEWORK:  Complete “Letter to Self” letter for Wednesday.  Bring supplies Friday, 9/6.