Absent Student – English III

Check here for the work you missed in class!  Updated Daily/Weekly.

  • Friday, January 12:  Reflection on writing challenge.  Review for semester final.
  • Thursday, January 11:  Round 2 of scoring!  Hand out semester review sheet.
  • Wednesday, January 10:  Round 1 of scoring!
  • Tuesday, January 9:  Bell Ringer 2 Quiz (must make up).  Work time the n transcendental paragraph.
  • Monday, January 8:  Kick off Writing Challenge!  Vocabulary quiz tomorrow.
  • Friday, January 5:  Finish close read of “Civil Disobedience” (Sections 2, 3, 5).  Answer questions in margins.  2nd Draft of Essays due Wednesday!
  • Thursday, January 4:  Close read of “Civil Disobedience.”  Read   Section 1 on page 22-23.  Answer questions in margins.
  • Wednesday, January 3:  Discuss “O Me! O Life!” then revise Classification/Division Essays.  Outline and 2nd drafts due January 10th.
  • Tuesday, January 2:  Pages 13-14 in the packet – Read the poem “O Me! O Life” and answer corresponding questions then watch iPad commercial and read critique and answer those corresponding questions.  Due tomorrow at beginning of class.


  • Friday, December 22:  Book Commercials.  Library Time.  Update reading logs.
  • Thursday, December 21:  Hand in Self-Reliance questions.  Work on Into the Wild quotation analysis.
  • Wednesday, December 20:  Discuss “Nature.”  Read “Self-Reliance” and annotate.  Homework:  Finish questions for Self-Reliance.  Due tomorrow.
  • Tuesday, December 19:  Discuss Transcendentalism (notes) then read “Nature” and answer questions.
  • Monday, December 18:  NEW UNIT!  Complete activities on page 2-4 then discuss.
  • Friday, December 15:  Bell Ringer Quiz.  Revise timed write from previous day.
  • Thursday, December 14:  Classification/Division Timed Write.
  • Wednesday, December 13:  Finish reading “Rip Van Winkle.”  Answer questions 1-8 on page 59.  Due tomorrow.
  • Tuesday, December 12: Discuss allegorical elements in “The Masque of the Red Death”.  Begin reading “Rip Van Winkle” in packet (page 47-52). Read through page 52 for tomorrow.
  • Monday, December 11:  Finish analyzing “A Blessing.”  Read “The Masque of the Red Death” (page 38-45 in packet).  Questions tomorrow.
  • Friday, December 8:  Notes on Romantics (email me for link).  Read  / Analyze “A Blessing” using TPS-FASTT.
  • Thursday, December 7:  Revise timed write.  Focus: Categories with common scheme/thread, Thesis Statements, Main idea sentences.
  • Wednesday, December 6: Timed Write – Classification / Division
  • Tuesday, December 5: Discuss Aphorisms.  Discuss US Constitution test. Assign page 32 – Motto. Notes on Classification / Division: Notes
  • Monday, December 4:  Discuss questions from Autobiography. Hand in. Define Aphorism (page 2 of unit).  On page 30, translate Franklin’s most popular aphorisms into modern language and meaning.  Categorize it under the virtue it falls. Finish for homework.
  • Friday, December 1:  Discuss “successful people.” Read Ben Franklin’s Autobiography excerpts (pages 26-29).  Answer questions (page 30).  Due Monday.


  • Thursday, November 30:  Take US Constitution practice ACT Test.
  • Wednesday, November 29: Read and annotate poem “Concord Hymn” (page 23).  Read “Legacy of Peace and Unity” (page 24-25).  Begin writing in response to prompt on either page 17 or 22 (your choice).  Due Friday.
  • Tuesday, November 28: Annotate/Discuss Bill of Rights.
  • Monday, November 27: Finish annotating Declaration of Independence.
  • Tuesday, November 21:  Annotate Declaration of Independence.
  • Monday, November 20:  Discuss Rhetorical Devices and Notes on Enlightenment Notes_Declaration_Argument
  • Friday, November 17:  Identify use of Ethos/Pathos/Logos in Steve Jobs’ Commencement Address, 2005.  Complete questions and discuss (in packets).
  • Thursday, November 16:  Library Day Checkout.  Bonus work time (due to technical difficulties previous day).  Finals due tonight by midnight!
  • Wednesday, November 15:  Final Work Day on essays.  Conference with Mrs. Schulte.
  • Tuesday, November 14:  Peer Revision Day – see home page for instructions
  • Monday, November 13: Recap Friday, Self-Revision (see slides on home page), Workshop Thesis statements.
  • Monday and Tuesday, November 6-7:  Week 11 (Eng3)



  • Monday-Friday, September 25-29:  Week 5 (Eng3).
  • Thursday and Friday, September 21, 22: Week 4.5 (Eng3)Annotated Poem.
  • Monday through Wednesday, September 18-20: Week 4 (Eng 3).
  • Friday, September 15:  Notes on Native American literature and reading two myths. Intro Notes and American Indian Myths Questions.
  • Thursday, September 14: Library spillover day / Work day – Finish genre walk, check out a book, complete noredink (from Monday) and finish Narrative Article notes and paragraph.
  • Wednesday, September 13: Library day!  Complete Genre Walk. Genre Walk.
  • Tuesday, September 12:  Choose and read a narrative article.  Complete handout and write a paragraph responding to the time capsule question. Narrative Article Questions.
  • Monday, September 11:  Setup noredink.com account.  Complete Diagnostic.
  • Wednesday through Friday, September 6-9: Week 2 and  Binder_Assembly_Instructions (also on homepage)
  • Tuesday, September 5:  “Letter to Self” due today.  Created mailbox folder.  Went over syllabus.
    • Homework: Signed syllabus and supplies due Thursday.  Survey paragraph due Friday.
  • Friday, September 1: Watched TED Talk – “The Danger of a Single Story” (find link on my homepage) and wrote a response (English II: TED Talk Response / English III: TED Talk Response – 3 ).  Homework is the “Letter to Self” – Due Tuesday 9/5. Letter.
  • Thursday, August 31: First day of class!  Welcome back!